About Us

Brief Profile of the Company.
UBE Industries Limited was Incorporated on 31 January 1985, By Mr Vijaya Bhaskar Sirimalla as the chief Promoter of the company vide Incorporation No. 5284 of 1984-85, as WeldfLux Engineering Limited, and obtained the commencement of Business Certificate dated 18 May 1985, for the manufacture of Special Purpose Machine Tools and Other Engineering Products as EPC Projects for Food Processing and Pharmaceuticals Companies and changed the name of the company as Weldflux India Limited, after completing all the required formalities and obtained the fresh Certificate of incorporation Consequent to the Change of Name dated 17 June 1991, Subsequently Changed the name as UBE Industries Limited, after completing all the required Formalities and obtained the fresh Certificate of incorporation Consequent to the Change of Name, dated 20 June 1996.

The company is in the business of design and manufacture of Special Purpose Machine Tools and EPC Projects in process engineering. The company’s foremost strength is designing of innovative products. The company has designed more than 48 machines with a long term arrangement/agreement with International Consulting Group, headed by Mr Alian Audren located in Luxemburg. The agreement was from 1992-1998. The company would design the Special Purpose Machine for the clients and a technical offer was submitted by the company to International Consulting Group and they in turn shall add the profit and present to the clients. Under this arrangement more than 48machines were supplied to International Consulting Group which they have supplied to the clients in Europe.

The company has capabilities of design of the automation system for production facilities and fabrication. One of the innovative automatic machine was designed for manufacture of Ocean freight Containers as the machine fed with cold rolled steel and the manufactures automatically the corrugation of the sheets as per the specified lengths, the fabrication of the stifners were also automatically done in the process and panels will be stacked and changed the settings of the machine, the machine will
assemble the panels in the continuous process.

Infrastructure Facilities: The company has an excellent infrastructure of about 110000sft shop floor and around 6000sft on each floor for three floors as General Stores, ground floor and 6000sft design and Senior Executive cabins, second floor, and around 6000sft Administrative Block. and the company has around 14 R & D Blocks each block is independent and carrying on R & D. The company has developed a remote control automatic welding machine.

Company has excellent Machine shop and Very Good Fabrication Shop with State of Art Mahinery such as SAW Welding MIG/TIG welding, rofile cutting, 100 MT Press Hydraulic presses etc. along with NDT testing facilities and good testing lab. In 1996 when the Government of India has liberalized LPG Bottling Plants into Private sector, the company was the first to supply the plant and machinery for LPG Bottling plant for its client, Ragson Petrochem Limited. The total plant was designed and fabricated in association with the sub-contractors.

Apart from this the company above infrastructure company has 20 subcontractor firms, for supply of components for the machines and the same are assembled at the factory. The company has excellent manpower in the senior level and technicians and a team of R & D.