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Incorporation of the company: 31 January 1985
Technical Collaboration for Welding Consumables: September 1985
Filed the Application for Industrial Licence: 1985
Filed the Application for Technical Collaboration: 19855
Obtained the Industrial Licence
Obtained the Technical Collaboration Approval
Working on Full time operations of the company: 25 May 1989
Structuring the Project: 1989
Re execution of Technical Collaboration for Buy Back the products Planning the Public Issue
Public Issue Opening: 20 March 1992
Constitution of Technical Committee
Review of Projects by Technical Committee
Initiation of SPMs & EPC Projects

Who We Are?

UBE Industries Limited was promoted by S Vijaya Bhaskar in association with his two friends in 1985 to establish an Engineering Company along with manufacturing high tech welding consumables.

The company was established as a corporate body under the Indian Companies Act of 1956 as a Public Limited company and was incorporated with the Registrar of Companies, Andhra Pradesh as Weldflux Engineering Limited vide its incorporation No.01-05284 of 1984-85 dated 31 January, 1985. Obtained the Commencement.

Our Chairman & Managing Director at UK Investment Summit Wales 2014