Automatic Dynamic Car Parking Stations


The company has developed a Technology for Automatic Dynamic Car Parking Stations, which is a most modern technology and the solution for where in the cities have grown and the place for building the parking stations are not available, then, the system has a solutions can be built.

In this system the Car/Automobile will need not be driven to a particular floor, the floor ways and the paths will be eliminated, thus resulting the reduction in the cost per Car and handling time.

The  car  can be driven to Parking Chamber,  Parking  Chamber will  be automatically opened when the car approached to  the Parking Chamber,  once  the car has been  into  the  parking chamber,  the driver  will get down and  obtain  a computer ticket which  records a computer code and date and time of the parking.  After the Driver comes out, the chamber gets closed and the car is transferred to a particular parking place.

When the car is to be taken back, driver approaches the Withdrawal Chamber, once the computer ticket is fed into the jacket, the display indicates the amount to be paid.  The amount  to  be paid through the automatic  system  either  by cash,  credit card, debit card, cash card or Special  Parking Card  to  be introduced by the Parking  System itself.   On payment   of   the amounts the car comes  to  the Withdrawal Chamber and gets it open.  Then the driver can walk into the Chamber and drive the car out.

The Automatic Car Parking Stations can be modules and expand­able, which can be over ground, underground, partly over ground and partly underground.



The   Automatic   Parking Stations are Electro-Pneumatic / Electro  - Magnetic, Electro - Hydraulic Computer  Controlled Transfer  Movement operational movement.  Each  vehicle  when parked in the Parking Chamber is identified by Computer  Code which locates the vehicle and for storage and the delivery.



This Automatic Car Parking System has various options. PARKING CHAMBER and WITHDRAWAL CHAMBER can be separate or can be one.   This mostly depends on the size of the Parking Stations.   For a smaller station it can be same and for larger station can be separate.



As  the  Automatic  Car parking station,  the  operation  for parking a Car /Vehicle is only through Parking and Withdrawal Chamber, hence, in the event of loosing the computer  ticket, it is next to impossible to find where the car is  available, therefore  the system has the identification mode or system. The  driver goes  to the operator or the 'Management'  and indicates the probable date and time when the car was parked. It  is  visible on the screen the vehicle number.   Once the owner identifies his vehicle number, the operator  issues  a duplicate ticket after verification of the identity  of the individual.



If  a ticket is lost and found by some one else,  who  intern takes away the vehicle, the original owner  after obtaining the duplicate ticket, found that the vehicle has already been taken  away  the vehicle.  However, the system records  and photographs  the  every individual who drives away  the  car, which  in  turn helps to lodge a complaint and  identify  the person who took away the car / vehicle.



Various  safety systems are also provided in the  operational system, it can be PIN (personal identification number), which can  be  fed in the system, photo identity card  or  identity card,   can  be  fed in the system or a signature  or  thumb impression system can also be used.


The system is built on the roads, not disturbing any  traffic while selecting a parking station, basic criteria is taken as the existing buildings of the sides of the roads, the traffic and  vehicular population, Vehicular parking needs  and the availability of pavement or foot path.  A small elongation or diversion  is made on the road to parking station,  where  a parking  chamber   or  withdrawal  chamber is  built.   The necessary system of smooth diversion of pedestrian’s traffic is taken into consideration by adopting tunnel or flyover. Once it goes to the Parking Chamber or Withdrawal chamber, the system works as main system.



Special options are available in this system is  directional change.  As vehicle is coming from 'A' and proceeding to ‘B’ as the system in India is driving the left side of the  Road, therefore,  the vehicle proceed to the Parking Chamber  which is at left side of the road.  The driver who after finishing his  work, if he is proceeding back to 'A' then, he need not take the vehicle at left side of the road where it is parked, and proceed upto either 'U' turn is available or a  junction where he can take 'U' turn.  He can straight away proceed  to the other side of the road and take away the vehicle from the Withdrawal Chamber and Drive back to 'A'.

The system provides an automatic turn of vehicle,  therefore, he  at  the  Parking  Station  instead  of  approaching  the Withdrawal chamber which is at left side of the  road,  but, cross   the   road to right side of the  road  to withdrawal chamber  and take out his car.  The Computer code identifies his vehicle and turns automatically / changes the direction; therefore, he can drive back in the opposite direction.